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Three Ways to Get Financial Debt Help

Financial debt help or debt relief involves the change in the terms and conditions of your debt or the amount that you owe. It enables you to clear the debt faster. Remember that you may have tried to do better budgeting, but still find yourself unable to pay your debts. Debt relief may involve you changing the payment schedule or interest rate, filing for bankruptcy or lowering your payments. This post looks at three ways on how to get debt relief.

Debt Management Plans

One way to get financial debt help is through a debt management plan. It allows you to pay unsecured debts such as credit cards in full. In most instances, you do it through a reduced interest rate or with the all, the fees waived.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay a single payment on a monthly basis to the credit counseling agency, which in turn will distribute it to your creditors. Credit card companies and credit counselors have agreements on how to help debt management customers.


Debt Settlement

Debt settlement firms will usually ask you to stop paying your creditors and instead channel the money into one account, which they have control over. As the cash accumulates, each of the creditors will be approached. The result is you will fall behind on your payments.

The fear of getting nothing from you will make the creditor accept a lower lump-sum offer and come to an agreement with you not to pursue the rest. Remember that failure to pay your bills can result in legal action against you, penalty fees and collection calls. Debt settlement won’t stop these issues, and the process may take months before the offers begin coming in.



One thing you should keep in mind is that a debt management plan or debt settlement is of no use if you will not be able to make the payments you agree to do. The best solution is to talk with a lawyer before you decide on the best strategy.



Getting financial debt help should be fast using the above informative post. Make sure you consult your attorney in the case that you aren’t able to pay back your debt. He or she will advise you on the best way forward.

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